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Guru Nanak Aarti 11.pdf




The birth and life of the Sikh religion (also known as Sikhism) had a huge impact on the way Sikhs live their life. Guru Nanak's The first four Gurus were not known in a literal sense, but were spiritual leaders within the Sikh community who were able to form and direct it. (Granth Nam.) At the time of the first of the Guru Granth Sahibs 1439, the Ramkali temple was the centre of the Sikh community, with the followers of the Gurus gathering around it. Divine and Prophet-like characteristics of the Baba Nanak has been documented in the various historical, archaeological and religious records. He is the first who broke the code of secrecy regarding the God and recognized Him openly and claimed that “All roads of salvation lead to God”. He was the first Indian to predict the coming of Shri Guru Gobind Singh (the tenth Sikh Guru). He was the first Guru who spoke against the established Brahmins of his time. (Granth Nanak/ Dasam Granth.) One of the pivotal events in Nanak's life was when he prayed before Guru Gobind Singh, the ninth and tenth Sikh Guru. It is described in the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Holy Scripture: “When Nanak went to see the Guru (Gobind), he came to the Guru with fear and trembling, as a child in the lap of its mother.” (Lecture #25) Biography Guru Nanak came from a pious and religious family. He was born on 1314 CE, the Shigmojad Nila (1314 – 1315 CE) at Sheikhupura (now in Pakistan), and was the eldest son of the Subedar of the Mughal Empire, Damodar Mal and Kala Shah Pir. He was born in a Hindu Brahmin family and was therefore baptised by Pir Mal, a local Hindu priest. At the age of thirteen, he was married to Gulzar Banu, the daughter of Har Das, a wealthy and pious merchant, by whom he had a son, Mukhar Singh. Nanak's family accepted Islam, which is the official religion of the state, and he is described as a Muslim by the next two Gurus. The name Guru Nanak means "the lights" or "the torches." He is also referred to as Guru Gobind Singh,




Guru Nanak Aarti 11.pdf

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